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Noi amiamo la vostra storia d’amore romantica. Thanks google translate!! We will be spending two weeks in Tuscany, one of which in Maremma. We are getting your book mailed to us at the Villa in Lucca once we have a postal address, (to Follow). Woulsd you be so kind to sign it!! It is too late to get it sent to Canada . In Maremma we would like to stay in the “Porto Ercole” region and take a cooking class half or full day. Would you be so kind as to suggest something so that we can book before we leave in two weeks. Tutto il meglio!!! Kam 23. August 2016

Thanks Kam! So glad to hear you’re spending 2 weeks in the Maremma. Cooking classes are a great idea! I found two places for you to reach out to in the area. Podere Santo Stefano and Tenuta La Badiola and Donati. Since we don’t have any dedicated cooking schools, it’s a good idea to ask at your accommodation too. They might be able to recommend someone local. Not sure if the guidebook would arrive in Canada in time, but let me know when you’re in Italy and I’ll send one to you! All the best, Elisa

Hello Eliza, my wife and I will be in Tuscany this September. We discovered your website and hope to visit the Maremma area. We are hoping to follow your lead and live in Italy One day. We are starting the process of looking for a place to buy. Can you give us any advice on the process, that would be most generous of you!! Sincerely Curtis and Denna 18. August 2016

Hi Curtis and Denna. The best advice I can give you is to speak to the local realtor. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a house from the websites and realtors that advertise to expats. Unless you have millions to spend! The Italian market is a great for home buyers at the moment, you can pick up some amazing deals as locals scramble to sell their second homes and avoid taxes, but you have to be on the ground to find them. So when you find a place you love, visit the realtors who work there, tell them what you need and see what they say. Most speak English. Italian would obviously help, but you can probably get around it. You’ll get a much better deal. Then do your homework. Make sure you speak to independent contractors and get independent advice before you buy.

Hi Elisa! Thank you for making this blog, the information is amazing. I am so glad to have come across your blog!!! My name is Kam and my family & will be spending two weeks in Tuscany this September. We will be staying at a Villa in Lucca. We would like to drive to a beach with easy access ( due to arthritic problems)in Maremma and also the hot springs in Saturnia. How long will all that take? 18. August 2016

Hi Kam, the easiest beaches to access from Lucca are in either Follonica or Castiglione della Pescaia. Le Rocchette is a great one to consider. It was voted Italy’s top for 2 years running is just outside of Castiglione della Pescaia.  The tourist office should be able to help. They have great parking, are free and don’t involve a lot of walking. They’re about 2 hours away

As for the Saturnia hot springs, the trip will take 3 hours.

Hi We are travelling to Italy for the first time and will be in Rome at the time of the Festadi San Mamiliano in September. We are thinking about either taking a day trip from Rome or perhaps staying overnight. We would like to be there on the 15th for the main festivities. Would the procession be in the morning. Also if we cam up on the 14th would there be attractions on that day as well. Thanks for your help. Robert Di Giglio 18. August 2016

Hi Robert, it’s hard to know for sure since they usually leave everything to the last minute, but it’s unlikely they will have anything organised for the 14th because it’s a weekday and they usually tie any of their celebrations to the closest weekend – which would be the 10th and 11th in this case. But the 15th will be jammed packed with festivities. The procession usually starts at 11am with a mass. All the best, Elisa

Hi Elisa, after our time in Tuscany we wish to spend 3 nights @ Monte Argentario or Assisi. We are not religious. What would you recommend. Many thanks. Kam 18. August 2016

Hi Kam, what a choice! Monte Argentario is a beautiful corner of Tuscany with incredible beaches and port side towns. It’s great if you love relaxing on the beach, hiking and eating. Not to mention you could visit Giannutri Island and Gigli Island, which are both gorgeous. You’re also within driving distance of Saturnia’s hot springs, Pitigliano and Orbetello, which are worth a visit. The entire area is gorgeous, unspoilt and pretty off the radar. I’ve been Assisi and it’s beautiful too. It’s more touristy, but there’s a reason why tourists flock there. The church is gorgeous even if you’re not religious. I found the crowds a bit frustrating and while I hear the Umbria is beautiful. I’ve only been to Perugia, which is nearby and is nice. I’m biased, but I would pick Monte Argentario.

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