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Hi, we are traveling next week and staying in Punta Ala. We’d love to do an authentic cooking class. We don’t want to drive too far but definitely will to travel for the right class. We want something really authentic. Any recommendations? 19. September 2016

Hi, cooking classes are really hard to find in the Maremma because no one does them with great regularity. The best thing to do is ask your b&b if they have any ideas. Otherwise your best best is Trattoria Toscana, which is a Michelin star restaurant in Castiglione della Pescaia that periodically organises cooking classes

where do I find FLAMINGOS 19. September 2016

Hi, you can see flamingoes around Orbetello’s lagoon. But it all depends on the season. They aren’t there all year round. Usually you can see them in autumn or winter and the park is open from the beginning of September until 30 April.

Hello, I want to re-locate in Tuscany and start a career in real estate. I am fluent Italian. Any prospects or direction for me? Thank you, Tony from Tony 31. August 2016

Hi Tony,

If you’re already a real estate agent and have EU citizenship, then you can simply pick a place and start working. I’d stick to the cities simply because they have higher demand for English/Italian agents. Reach out to the real estate federation over here ( and get registered. Then you can look for jobs on sites like:

I just picked the top ones, there are plenty of others. If you’re looking to start your own real estate agency, you’ll need to speak to an accountant and lawyer to see what you need to do to start your own business. You could get a partita iva and work as a libero professionista, but your accountant will know exactly what you need to do.

If you’re not a real estate agent, then you’ll need qualifications.

Then it’s a good idea to read this:

You’ll need to sit a course and meet a bunch of other prerequisites, but it’s all explained here! All the best, Elisa



Midispiace per il terremto Preganda per Roma. Hugs. Kam 24. August 2016

Grazie. Got the book. Please send to Lucca @ the address. Kindly autograph it please. 24. August 2016

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