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Hi, I love your blog and studied already a lot from it – thank you! I’m coming to Giannella area (closer to Albinia) and was wondering where I could find a morning market where I could buy fresh fruits, vegetables etc. ? Is there any other way to get to Giannutri than taking Maregiglio Thank you in advance. Magda from Poland 26. May 2015

Hi Magda,

Unfortunately the Maremma doesn’t have any daily markets, but weekly ones. The one is Albinia is on every Friday in the main piazza. You can also visit the one in nearby Orbetello on Saturday or if you feel like going further out, there’s one in Porto Ercole on Mondays and Porto Santo Stefano on Tuesdays.

Maregiglio is unfortunately the only ferry service to Giannutri Island, but they are as a rule expensive and rare because Giannutri is a protected island and only a certain number of people can visit each season, which means you need to book in ADVANCE. You can book online: Hope that helps! Elisa

In july we will go for a beach holiday to Follonica. Can you tell me which are the best beaches around the centre; why should we choose the South (free beach) or the Northern beach? Thank you for your reply! Linda 26. May 2015

Hi Linda,

Cala Violina in nearby Scarlino is the area’s most beautiful beach. It’s probably the most beautiful beach in the Maremma, so if you have the means, I’d visit it. Torre Mozza is also really nice and only 3km from the centre of Follonica. Il Boschetto, Pratoranieri and il Lido are the closest though. As for free and paid beaches, every beach has both. It depends on what you’re looking for. I don’t normally pay to sit on the beach. I hate the idea, but if you want a sun deck and an umbrella, it’s worth paying the €10 or so a day for two sun decks and an umbrella. There is no difference in quality of beaches though. It’s not as if the paid sections have the best beach. Hope that helps! Elisa

Hi My name is Monique and my husband and I are traveling to Italy for the first time the beginning of September. We are very active, outdoor people and love to explore less touristy locations. My task this week is to find an area north of Rome in which to stay a few days near the coast. We are flying into and out of Rome so thought just a couple days in Rome (too touristy!) and the Florence was recommended. I am intrigued by Tuscany. Where would you recommend to stay in Maremma as a home base? You have mentioned so many beaches! Any advice would be welcomed! 12. May 2015


Hi Monique, I’m biased, but I would definitely recommend the Maremma. It’s beautiful and close to Rome, about 11/2 hrs, and definitely not touristy. Head to my website and check out Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and Castiglione della Pescaia. They’re our most beautiful seaside destinations and are all close to other gorgeous sights in the Maremma in case you get bored of the beach. Just a note, we are not close to Florence, so if you want to make a day trip to the city, it’s about 5 hours up and back.

What to do in Castiglione della Pescaia: I was hoping to use your local knowledge to see if there is anything that you could recommend specific to the area that we really shouldn’t miss. We are hoping to show the viewers everything the areas have to offer. In particular we would love to do some sort of landscape painting as the views are spectacular in this region – but we are finding it hard to find an artist who may be able to assist us with this. Would you be able to point me in the right direction either towards an individual artist or an art school? Any help would be gratefully received. Will Temple 12. May 2015

Hi Will, Castiglione della Pescaia has an extremely long strip of beaches that starts from the edges of towns and stretches to our capital, Grosseto. As for beautiful landscape, you’re right next door to Diaccia Botrona – a nature reserve famous for its flamingoes. I know about a contemporary art park in the area. It’s called Giardino Viaggio Di Ritorno by a local artist called Rodolfo Lacquaniti. He uses recycled materials to make massive sculptures and is pretty media savvy, so he might be interested in letting you shoot in his art garden.

There’s an art school in Grosseto and might be able to help or at least organise to travel to Castiglione della Pescaia to run an outdoor painting course:

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