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I might the one of the few writing about the magnificent Tuscan Maremma, but I’m not alone in this big virtual world when it comes to Tuscany. Here are some other great website on the region by people who are just as infatuated with Tuscany (or Italy) as I am.


A Touch of Tuscany
My travel guide on the wider Tuscany… I needed somewhere to share all the tips, tricks and advice I’ve racked up during my time travelling in the rest of Tuscany!
Musei di Maremma
Everything you need, or would ever want to know, about the incredible museums in the Maremma.
Tuscany Art
A great blog about ancient and contemporary art in Tuscany, as well as information about all the museums, exhibitions and galleries in the region.
Around Tuscany
Part travel blog, part events calendar, this site is fantastic if you want to know what’s happening in Tuscany in any month.
Another fantastic (and very entertaining) blog about art, travel and the expat lifestyle in Italy. This time written by Alexandra Korey, who’s an art historian living in Florence.
At Home in Tuscany
A beautiful blog from born and bred Tuscan, and fellow Maremmana! Gloria. Gloria shares with readers what it’s like to live in this gorgeous countryside, and the traditions and experiences she’s had here since she was a child.


WhyGo Italy
BootsnAll’s travel guide for first time travellers and seasoned travellers wanting to get the most out of their trip to Italy.
Italy Living
A gorgeous website about the finer things, food, cars, fashion, and luxurious lifestyle that all Italians seem to quintessentially possess.
50 Years in Italy
A blog by English doyenne, guidebook author, travel writer, historian and all around expat icon Mary Jane Cryan, who has been living in Italy since 1965, long before expat life was fashionable.’s Italy page
Martha isn’t some Italophile who spend a couple of months in the Eternal City, she’s lived in Italy for many years and knows her stuff. 


We girls do it better, so it’s no surprise that some very industrious ladies have gotten together to compile a directory of the world’s best female bloggers! I’m beyond proud to be part of project that celebrates women who travel! - Where Expats Blog  Expatblog
Created by expats, for expats, this websites all about sharing the experience of living overseas and providing some much needed advice. 

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