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Maremma Tuscany

When you Google “Maremma Italy” you get very little. After all, this small, secluded region in Tuscany's south isn’t on any Contiki tour circuit, but that’s a good thing... trust me.

Far from the bright lights of Florence and Siena the Maremma is not, like much of Italy these days, choked by a ratio of 5 tourists to 1 local. The region is instead one of the very few territories left in Italy that remains true to its ancient peasant roots, uncontaminated by the tourist explosion.

I don't want to sound cliché, but the feeling of 'dolce vita' still resounds in the quaint medieval towns spotted all over the Maremma. Separated by thick forests of chestnuts and sprawling green fields of olive groves and vineyards that stretch to the sea, these towns are like they’re own little world, immersed in a unique and rich history and culture, where everyone knows everyone and peace, quiet and good homemade food and wine are king.

Pieces of history, these beautiful communities transport you back to the grand past of Italy, and whilst they may not have the beautiful boutiques of Milan, they are unbelievable to behold because they are, from the grandest churches to the smallest houses, exactly as they were in the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

Coming to the Maremma, I didn't know what to expect. But I quickly became besotted with its unpretentious charm, sweet-natured people and simple beauty. Nothing compares to its splendour and tranquillity, its breathtaking landscape, delicious food and picturesque towns.

So I moved to Maremma and decided to create this website. To put down in words my love for the region and, as a besotted-foreigner-turned-local, let you in on its that you too can experience the ‘meraviglia’ of this incredible region. Enjoy!

Food and Wine

We're in Italy, so I don't need to tell you how incredible the food and wine is, but in the Maremma traditional delicacies sourced from fresh produce and served with local wine are king.

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There's no English word to describe the effortless sense of wellbeing that stems from just visiting the Maremma. And then there are the hot springs! Heaven on earth for free.

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The Maremma isn't renowned for its untouched spoils for nothing. Experience verdant plains, thick forests, gorgeous beaches and rugged mountains without another in sight.

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History and Culture

Kings, noblemen, dictators and even the fabled Medici have shaped this region, leaving behind more than just castles and walls, but also a heritage that has been beautifully conserved.

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